Vita Global's Financial Literacy Education Alliance

We're working to improve financial literacy programs for children and adults, providing them with better life and work solutions.

In 2009, the US Treasury Department convened a meeting with the Financial Literacy Education Council (“FLEC”) to review its approach to its purpose and role as outlined in Title V of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003. FLEC, comprised of 22 federal agencies, set up a working group to craft a  national financial literacy strategy based on four directives:

  • Build public awareness of available resources;
  • Develop tailored, targeted materials and dissemination strategies;
  • Tap into effective partnerships; and
  • Support research and evaluation of financial education programs.

In 2010 the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability (“Council”) was formed by Executive Order and tasked with suggesting ways to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of existing efforts and identify new approaches to increase financial capability through financial education and financial access.

In this current environment, Vita Global is working in conjunction with a financial literacy team to develop and deploy financial literacy programs to assist school age children and adults obtain the financial skills needed to be successful in life and the marketplace.  Specifically, populations such as Veterans and economically disadvantaged populations who often lack the skills needed to make decisions about their financial situation in times of transition need guidance and financial coaching to achieve their financial goals.

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