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#BtheChange Vita Global, Inc. Certified B Corporation® .

How You Fit Into The Vita Global Vision

Vita Global is a Certified B Corporation®.

Simply, we exist to be a force for good.  As such, we are mindful of our impact on our local community, the environment, and society at large!  

As a Social Impact Advisory Company, our goal is to promote using business as a social good to entrepreneurs around the globe.  

We believe you can  increase your bottom line in a framework where Social performance is JUST as important as Profits. Simon Sinek, a prominent motivational speaker says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”  

Vita Global is leading the movement to connect humanity with business. We not only want to be the best IN the world; we want to be the best FOR the world.” – B Lab®

Vita Global is a Washington, D.C. based Social Impact Advisory Firm founded by Colleen Dyble and Portland A Reed.

Meet Your Team Of Professionals

Colleen Dyble - Meet Your Team of Vita Global Professionals

Colleen Dyble, Founder & Principal of Global Solutions

The essence of life for an entrepreneur is when his or her passion meets the world’s greatest need.
– C. Dyble

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Colleen grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is bilingual in Spanish, and offers 15+ years of experience developing viable and sustainable solutions to poverty alleviation through international development projects. Colleen spearheaded the process for Vita Global to become a Certified B Corporation® and is now a leader in the Certified B Corporation®  revolution in the state of Virginia and more broadly.

She contributes to shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs, particularly women who are in-tune with the deep needs of the world, motivated by a purpose greater than themselves, driven by values, and engaged in using their businesses to collaborate with others to create a better life in the world around them.

Colleen earned an M.A. from George Mason University in International Commerce and Policy and a B.A. from the University of Puget Sound in International Political Economy (minor in Spanish).

Portland A Reed, Co-Founder & Head of Global Solutions

It’s not enough to touch lives; we must help to change lives.
– C. Beck

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Portland grew up near Seattle, Washington and has 15 years of experience equipping both startups and established organizations with innovative tools to manage and grow their businesses. Portland uses her strong tax, financial, and legal background to assist entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams.

Co-leading Vita Global’s process for achieving Certified B Corporation® status brought a new layer of vision to Portland’s work, and she is excited to now help others to join the movement to bring humanity to business, by guiding them in the B Corp certification process. Just as she has helped Vita Global to do, Portland thrives by helping organizations integrate their values with their business, or as she says, their “whole selves” with their profession.

Portland earned a J.D. from the University of Illinois Law School, with an emphasis in tax & securities, and a B.A. in Political Science (minor in Economics) from the University of Puget Sound.



Portland Reed Meet - Your Team of Vita Global Professionals
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