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A Global Engagement You Can Trust

Vita Global has worldwide project experience in 24 countries on 6 continents.


Vita Global Leverages Local Talent and Resources

Maximizing Your Talents & Resources

Vita Global develops solutions for clients based on a region’s local skills, talents and resources.


Vita Global Donor Relationships

Deepen Your Donor Relationships

Vita Global ensures compliance with donor-funding requirements.

Vita Global Trains Local Talent

Innovative Education for Local Talent

Vita Global provides expert training sessions that aid entrepreneurs in pursuit of 21st century technical solutions to solve world problems.

Vita Global Leverages Key Relationships

Advancement Through Relationships

Vita Global leverages partnerships with high-level government officials, academics, businesses, and civil society to enable clients to meet the objectives of their global initiatives.


Vita Global Develops In-Country For Growth

Unleash Your Potential Growth

Vita Global  conducts in-country monitoring and evaluation assessments to help clients develop new programs and products to attract funding.


Vita Global Makes Dreams Reality

Your Vision Is Our Priority

Vita Global is passionate about helping entrepreneurs cultivate what brings them life.


Vita is the Latin root word for life, livelihood and way of life.

Vita Global is a Social Impact Advisory Company that promotes using business for a social good by equipping entrepreneurs with 21st century tools they need to be successful. We advise businesses and organizations who contribute to economic development; including improving the quality of life for their workforce, their families, the local community and society at large.


Solutions That Work

Business Startup

Business Startup

Our expertise is establishing new businesses and organizations using simple and tailored solutions to help Startups avoid common pitfalls.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

We are specialists in transforming businesses into profitable social impact companies by implementing easy to use cloud based solutions that ensure sustainable growth.

Business Expansion

Business Expansion

We are experts in how to grow your business.  We perform financial and digital diagnostics and implement simple solutions designed to expand your company or organization.

Certified B Corporation®

We will assist businesses in joining a growing group of companies worldwide who are using business as a force for good

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